One of the best things for the life of your golf cart is to schedule regular maintenance. For your golf cart to run smoothly and safely, it is recommended to service it twice a year. Below are just a few of the services we provide to make that happen. Let us put the elbow grease for you and keep it in good condition. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!



We offer two brands of batteries.


Trojans are the better brand of batteries, pricing at:


6-Volts           8-Volts          12-Volts

Qty   Price     Qty    Price    Qty    Price

6   -   $745    6   -   $850   4   -   $850

7   -   $895

8   -   $950


Centenial is our more economical brand, pricing at:


6-Volt            8-Volt             12-Volt

Qty    Price    Qty    Price     Qty    Price

6   -   $695    6   -   $825     4   -   $840

7   -   $775

8   -   $895   


To know how many volts your golf cart is, just check the top of your batteries and count how many holes, for the water, it has. If it has 4 holes, your cart is a 48-Volts cart. If it has 3 holes, then count how many batteries the cart has.

6 Batteries = 36 Volts

7 Batteries = 42 Volts

8 Batteries = 48 Volts


      Cart Servicing


Like a regular car, your golf cart also needs servicing, twice a year. So that it runs smoothly while in use. Call us to schedule a service call. 


We offer a full service on your golf cart for $70. Our service includes:


  • Grease front end

  • Check and clean batteries and its water level

  • Clean and adjust brakes

  • Check air in tires

  • Check all accessories (lights, horns, etc)


For our seasonal customers, we offer a once a month service on your golf cart while you're away. That way your golf cart is working and ready for use when you return. Call us today to set up arrangements. 

      Wheels & Suspension


We have available

8 inch - $39

10 inch - $79

12 inch -$95


Tire replacement - $10

Tire disposal fee - $4 per tire


Also, have a wide variety of rims to choose from.


Tires need to be well inflated.

10 inch requires 22 lbs

8 inch requires 28-30 lbs



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